Diagnostics of medical equipment is an important part of its maintenance. The purpose of these works is to identify the state of equipment, the degree of its wear, the necessity and possibility of repair, including, if necessary, draw up a specific list of repair work.

Diagnostic measures can be both planned and periodic. When determining the scope and frequency of routine diagnostics, the manufacturer’s recommendations specified in the operational documentation should be observed. As a result of routine diagnostics, worn or damaged parts are identified that should be repaired or replaced in order to avoid serious damage.

The Bio Medical Engineering team offers you professional diagnostics services for medical equipment both in the workshop and on-site service.

Our engineers conduct a comprehensive analysis of the equipment, collect all the necessary information, and take the necessary measures to identify a malfunction. Based on the results of diagnostics and identifying the causes of equipment malfunction, a technical conclusion is drawn up. It indicates all the work that needs to be done to restore the device to work, and the parts that need to be replaced.

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